OPUS 88 Tube Preamplifier

The LP-Magazin für analoge Musikwiedergabe has tested the OPUS 88 and describes its sound as an absolute highlight “to kneel down magnificent sound“!

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Externally fitting with Wall Audios other audio components (azure blue display, Wall Audio typical simple and elegant design, remote volume control), our new preamplifier OPUS 88 has celebrated its premiere at the hi-fi days in Hamburg in February 2012.

Because of its special, unique sound quality and fine dynamics OPUS 88 became within a very short time an audience magnet whose presentations regularly made sure that the capacity of the projection room reached its limits.

In short: OPUS 88 is the perfect result of Wall Audios over 30 years of research and experience in the audio field.

One particular feature of this model is the technology of the rectifier tubes, otherwise the possibility of anode voltage regulation provides maximum clean power. Another important feature is the phono stage with MC / MM input, that pleases particularly analogue audiophiles.

Technical details

1 x MM -47KOhm, 2,5mV@ 0,777mV
1 x MC Low/Mid/High Pegel
2 x Line CD and AUX

Frequency Response: 20Hz-100Khz@3dB
Distortion: 0,1%
S/Noise: Line 80dB, 0dB output | Phono MM – 55dB | Phono MC – 70dB
RIAA: 0,2dB@20Hz-20Khz

Tube Phono: 2 x ECC82 | 4 x ECC83
Tube Line: 2 x ECC82 | 2 x ECC83
Tube Power Supply: 1 x ECC82 | 1 x EF80 | 1 x 6C19 | 1 x EZ80

Size/Weight Preamp: 43cm x 8cm x 32cm, 10kg
Size/Weight Power Supply: 15cm x 8cm x 25cm, 6kg
Power Consumption: 60VA, 230V

Front Panel: OFF/ON, Input Selector, Balance, Motor Volume Potenciometer


OPUS 88 Manual (only available in german language)