M 100 Tube Monoblock

Dream power amps of the special class from Wall Audio Tube Technology, 2 x power amps M 100. These special power amps have a purity of sound and tonal accuracy that allows the music to flow in a natural and effortless way. The powerful 35 watts per channel can cope with slightly more power-hungry speakers and produce exactly the rich, harmonic palette you’d expect from top-of-the-line tube gear.

Special features

No negative feedback!

Technical details

Tubes: 2 x 6C33 / 2 x ECC82 NOS
Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz@0.5 dB
Output: 35W / 4-8 Ohm rated power per channel
Input: 0.770 mV

Dimension: 300 x 340 x 200 (w x d x h)
Power consumption: 250 VA per Channel
Weight: 25 kg

Security: Automatic stabilized bias current of power tube | High voltage Electronic Choke (Pi) Filter | Tube overload protection

Info: Anti-magnetic chassis | Pure A Class | “Super-Shunt”- Power Supply | Internal silver ribbon insulated wiring | Speaker transformer First class material with a ferrous core (NiFe and CoFe)

Option: Sym input with 600 Ohm Transformer | Monitoring over Opus 88 preamplifier