OPUS 33 SET Tube Amplifier

An amplifier for all your senses – single-ended triode (SET) topology.

The SET (single ended triode) – OPUS 33 SET amplifier uses no feedback and usually works in Class A, but offers the feature called ECO Mode.

If the user listens to music from a source such as radio, television, mp3-player or internet, it is possible to switch from Class A to Class B using the ECO button. This affects energy saving and increases the life (emission) and performance of the tubes, which are less heavily used in this mode.

Special features

Point to Point Technology
Internal silver ribbon insulated wiring
No global or local feedback
Automatic stabilized bias current of power tube

Technical details

Tubes: 6C33S Power Triode | ECC82 and 6H30

Power: 15W @ 4/8Ohm Induktor/Choke
Frequency response: 10Hz-80KHz
Power consumption: 250W – ECO Modus 160W

Dimension: 430mm*380mm*155mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight: 33kg
Shipping: 37kg


OPUS 33 SET Manual (only available in german language)